Gaming Industry And Its Positive Impact On Economy


Video gaming is a more significant force in entertainment than many people can imagine. Of late there are many innovations and advances in technology that has enhanced the experience of video gaming to a high level. Also, there are a lot of hardware improvements in the graphics, and sound cards, superfast processor speed, 3D accelerators, etc. are some of the significant improvements done recently. In Fact, a left-handed person can check out the left hand gaming mice, which are available on the market of late. The personal computer, smartphones, and tablets that you own are using them due to the gaming industry. This industry is growing very silently without people even realizing how it is positively impacting the economy.

As per reports in a leading daily, it is driving revenues close to $100 billion in the U.S alone. China is the leading market for gaming, followed by Japan and USA and if reports are to believe the revenue of international video gaming industry was more than double of the income of the global film industry last year. Many communities are showing interest in gaming, and with casinos developing and contributing to employment generation, there is a substantial positive impact on the economy. Listed below are a few ways it is helping with revenue generation.

Employment: One of the significant contributors to employment is the casinos. The employment opportunities are huge with more than a million jobs generated. Combined, casinos and other games close to $70 billion income in the United States. Moreover, the employment offered is for the diverse workforce which includes the minorities. Women are also employed in large numbers which bring in a lot of balance to the overall workforce. Apart from the non-technical staff, due to the use of the latest technology, there are many positions open for human resources, accounting, programming, administration, etc.The income these employees earn from casinos is more than the average salary hence making it a high-paying income jobs for all employees working in a casino.

Employee satisfaction: Gaming industry and casinos, in particular, offer high paying and quality jobs and moreover, there are thousands of such jobs available for people of many diverse backgrounds. The industry also enriches the individuals who work with them by training them on the skills to succeed. Note that the workforce is competitive and hence to succeed the workforce is trained so that they can give their best. Employees are also provided options to complete or pursue their education so that they can get ahead in their career. They offer many benefits like flex timings, reimbursement if tuition fee, etc. so that there is overall development of the employees working in this industry.

Extends to other industries: The effect of gaming industry doing well is that it fosters other sectors. For example, if a casino does well, it attracts people to it and the area close to it also sees a rise in business which leads to more employment opportunities, this is known as the ripple effect. As the business grows, employment also grows and hence there is a positive impact on the economy.
Lastly due to the higher income and other benefits that employees enjoy they spend more on household services and products which further boost economy.

Evolution Of Gaming Technology In The Last Decade


The new generation of games with fast processor speed and amazing graphics used in PlayStation and Xboxes has come a long way from its first gaming system called the Brown Box. Digital gaming was found only in laboratories or were experiments of scientists. But today, these are part of your routine life which is enjoyed by kids and adults. Video games have come a hard way from labs to shelves and now to the cloud and have evolved immensely primarily in the last decade. Listed below are the top advances in gaming technology in the previous decade.

Graphics: Anybody who is a gamer or likes to see great graphics and video games has evolved and advanced a lot from the basic graphics it used earlier. These days the games that are launched have high definition graphics with gamers being able to feel like real life situations play in front of them with the high quality of graphics. Sitting in their room, with the high def image they feel like as if they are in a real game. The games these days contain complex color mix and textures and uses 3D instead of 2D along with the graphics making it feel like real.

Video gaming chair: Due to the high definition video graphics, 4k display, and games designed to keep you stuck to the chair for hours, many gamers find it difficult to get out of their seats. Though everyone knows that video gaming is not an active sport, it is still very trendy and immensely popular activity and a great way to spend spare time. Since the human body is not designed to sit for long hours, people have used technology to ensure that gamers can sit for many hours by developing a variety of gaming chairs. These chairs range from basic one with enhanced back support to sophisticated ones which contains cup holders, speakers, etc. A gaming chair ensures that there is no muscle or joint pain and there is proper blood flow so that you can play for a longer time.

Wearable gaming devices: Many parents worry about their kids playing video games for long as it is played seated. But gaming has evolved in such a way that you there are games designed that is more than sitting and playing. There are many technologies like the wristbands, VR sets, bodysuits, etc. which has changed gaming from sedentary to active. These devices help you to feel like you are in the game and not sitting in your room, and, this is due to using of 3D and other technologies. There are a few gadgets where you can play the game without watching the screen and also when you are away from the device.

Cloud gaming: all domains and gaming using cloud technology are not going to lag behind too. Cloud gaming allows gamers to play from anywhere using the internet. The cloud technology can directly stream video games to users from the web anywhere. The primary use is that you can save games of any console on the library and retrieve it when you need, this makes it very popular over gaming using consoles.